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O CIAM posúe unha das maiores bibliotecas especializadas en temáticas agrarias de Galicia, con acceso a bases de datos, acceso a internet sen fíos e información bibliográfica aberta aos investigadores e profesionáis agrarios.



Characterisation of Cantabrian (Northwest Spain) tall fescue wild populations COSTAL, L.; GONZÁLEZ, E.; OLIVEIRA, J.A. Proceedings of the 21st General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation, Badajoz, Spain, 3-6 abril 2006. Grasland Science in Europe, Vol. 11, pp. 2006 Ver documento adjunto
Technological abilities of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) strains obtained from actual productions of raw cow milk cheeses in Galicia (NW Spain) GARABAL, J.I.; RODRÍGUEZ, P.; CENTENO, J.A. 2nd FEMS Congress of European Microbiologist. España, Madrid, 4-8 Julio 2006. Abstracts Book, p. 193 2006
Behaviour at grazing of calves with Galician Blonde suckler cows A.IGLESIAS, J.A.CARBALLO, A.LÓPEZ, L.MONSERRAT Proceedings of an International Congress on Silvopastoralism and sustainable Management held in Lugo, Spain, in April 2004, pp. 140-141 2006
Spain: Presentation of the country CLÁUDIO LÓPEZ GARRIDO, FERNANDO BARBEYTO NISTAL EDF-Report 2006. Cost Comparison Analysis. Database 2006
Study of the influence of sample pretreatment and storage condicions in the stability of pyrethroids in water. GARMEN GARCÍA JARES, MARÍA LLOMPART, VANESSA CASAS, RAFAEL CELA, MARÍA GARCÍA CHAO, THIERRY DAGNAC 4th European Conference on Pesticides and Related Organic Micropollutants in the Environment - 10th Symposium of chemistry and fate of modern pesticid 2006
Effect of accommodation system on colour and quality of Longissimus Dorsi and Extensor Carpi Radialis muscles of steers J.ROGALSKI, T.MORENO, P.G.DUNNE, F.J.MONAHAN, P.FRENCH, A.P.MOLONEY 52nd International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, 13-18 agosto 2006, Dublín, Ireland, pp.119-120 2006
Free amino acids and constituted amino acids of protein of four muscles and liver from Rubia Gallega D.FRANCO, T.MORENO, E.BISPO, N.PÉREZ SEIJAS, L.MONSERRAT 52nd International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, 13-18 Agosto 2006, Dublín, Ireland, pp.727-728 2006
Prevalence and preliminary genetic analysis of Giardia from adult sheep in galicia (NW, Spain) CASTRO HERMIDA, J.A.; ALMEIDA, A.; GONZÁLEZ WARLETA, M.; CORREIA DA COSTA, J.M.; MEZO, M. "9th International Wokshops on Opportunistic Protists (IWOP-9)" and "International Society of Protistologist Annual Meeting (ISOP)" joint meeting. Lis 2006
Validation of a solid phase microextraction method for determination of synthetic pyrethroids in water VANESSA CASAS, MARIA LLOMPART, CARMEN GARCÍA JARES, RAFAEL CELA, THIERRY DAGNAC Eight International Symposium on advances in Extraction Technique. ExTech. York, February 6th-8th. 2006, p.37 2006
Prevalence and preliminary genetic characterization of Cryptosporidum spp. From asymptomatic heifers in Galicia (NW, Spain). CASTRO HERMIDA, J.A.; ALMEIDA, A.; GONZÁLEZ WARLETA, M.; CORREIA DA COSTA, J.M.; MEZO, M. 9th International Wokshops on Opportunnistic Protist (IWOP-9) "and "International Society of Protistologists Annual Meeting (ISOP)" joint meeting. Lis 2006








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